Screenshot of the game Einar


Released Steam game. An ambitious project I helped start up as a technical lead, and after the prototyping phase shifted to resolving technical, graphical, and UI issues.

screenshot of visualization for Advent of Code

Modern C++ Workshops

A series of 4 workshops that I wrote and presented at the NHTV University of Applied Sciences, the topics were fundamentals, templates, move semantics, and metaprogramming.

screenshot of visualization for Advent of Code

Advent of Code

A fun coding challenge, which I've participated in for the past 5 years! It started as a nice way to learn Rust, but now I do it because I enjoy programming.

screenshot of Globum Nix

Globum Nix

An online multiplayer first person snowball fighting game. I built the networking, terrain deformation and GPU compute particles.

logos of web technologies I've used

Web Development

Professional full-stack experience, working on HRM and scheduling systems. The technologies I've used on the backend are primarily ASP.NET with C#, LINQ and the Entity Framework, whereas on the frontend my primary experience is with TypeScript and AngularJS.