Modern C++ Workshops

I wrote and presented a series of workshops on Modern C++. Its focus was to cover the new and more advanced features of C++ 11, as well as recap the basics. The topics of the four workshops were (how to control the slides):

  1. Fundamentals RAII, const correctness, smart pointers, references, overloading, initialization, new C++ 11 syntax.
    Slides, code samples.
  2. Templates All template mechanics, such as type deduction, specialization, and variadic templates.
    Slides, exercises, samples, solutions.
  3. Move semantics The concepts behind move semantics, and how to apply it in practice. The underlying mechanisms, rvalue references, and perfect forwarding.
    Slides, exercises, samples, solutions.
  1. Metaprogramming Covers the underlying mechanics and concepts for computation at compile time with practical examples. From SFINAE, to policy classes.
    Slides, exercises, samples, solutions.